Petitions at Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County Council welcomes petitions. This is because they inform debate and can have positive outcomes that lead to change. For example, they can demonstrate strong public approval or disapproval to something that the council is doing.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Norfolk can submit a petition. There are no age restrictions so children can also submit and sign petitions.

Please be advised that as of 23rd May, the Petition system is unavailable.

The system was hosted by an external provider who have advised us that they are withdrawing this service in two days time, on Friday 25th May.

We are already in the process of migrating the system to a new provider and it will be available again soon but, with such a short period of notice given, there will inevitably be a short period where it is unavailable.

Norfolk County Council apologises for this inconvenience and reminds you that it welcomes petitions submitted in a traditional paper format or through other epetitions websites.